Sea Foam Trans Tune

Sea Foam hydra trans tune

Sea Foam Hydra Trans Tune


Use the safe and effective choice – Hydra Trans Tune.

Every petroleum fluid system is prone to erratic and rough performance caused by gum, varnish, and moisture. Hydra Trans Tune works quick to dissolve harmful deposits and control the moisture that impairs fluid system parts. Its safe and effective formula is compatible with all common petroleum, mineral and synthetic-based hydraulic, power steering and transmission fluids. Hydra Trans Tune contains only petroleum ingredients and will not alter the viscosity of fluids, will not swell seals or harm gaskets, o-rings, hoses or clutch material.

Dissolve and remove harmful residues and moisture from these parts:

  • Valve bodies
  • Governors
  • Passages
  • Shift solenoids
  • Shift actuators
  • Sensors

Use Hydra Trans Tune in these systems:

  • Automatic transmissions
  • Power steering systems
  • Rack and pinion systems
  • All types of hydraulic systems

Discover how to use Hydra Trans Tune. Click here to learn more.

Where to Buy:

St. Michael
Carter’s Pit Stop – Wildey. Tel: 228-8379
Devon Star Auto Suppliers – Whitepark Road. Tel: 426-2848
Home Improvement & Hardware Supplies – Green Hill. Tel: 538-8833

St. George

Mark’s Auto Spares Inc. – Salters. Tel: 228-6992

Christ Church
Hunte’s Auto Spares Inc. – Lot 2, Maxwell Hill. Tel: 428-7075
Home Improvement & Hardware Supplies – Southern Plaza, Oistins. Tel: 538-8833

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Trans Tune has made changing gears really smooth. I have a 3-speed automatic transmission and now it goes into 3rd gear with ease. I put my trust in Ultra Auto Care.

Owen Gittens