Become A Reseller

Become a Reseller

Ultra Auto Care can help you expand your business. Join our network of resellers and see the results for yourself. The range of products we distribute can be lucrative for any retailer:

Royal Purple Premium Synthetic Oil

The performance oil that outperforms

All Royal Purple products are created to be the best in class. Independent parties regularly report experiencing performance gains with Royal Purple’s synthetic lubricants.

Royal Purple’s advanced synthetic motor oils are formulated with their proprietary Synerlec® additive technology. Every Royal Purple synthetic engine oil provides a performance advantage, increased fuel efficiency, superior corrosion protection and better wear protection than other synthetic and conventional engine oils on the market. That’s why Royal Purple is the performance oil that outperforms.

Explore Royal Purple’s premium synthetic motor oils, oil filters, gear oil, fuel system cleaners and more.

Hydra Trans Tune

Hydra Trans Tune is a pure petroleum blend that cleans and conditions fluid and is safe for long term use. It safely cleans gum and varnish deposits in transmission, power steering and hydraulic pump components. Trans Tune also makes the perfect system flush, removing damaging moisture and deposits that impair system performance from your transmission and hydraulic systems.

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Support for resellers:

  • Information on product benefits
  • Promotional materials for specific brands
  • Answers to FAQs
  • Resellers are listed on this website
  • Promotional activities such as eblasts and advertisements for products supplied by Ultra Auto Care are implemented throughout the year.