Headlight Lens Restoration

Headlight Lens Restoration

Did you know the yellowish cast on your headlamps significantly reduces visibility at night and can be dangerous, especially in rainy conditions? Plastic headlamps are susceptible to oxidation and discolouration over time. Oxidation is caused by road grime combined with UV rays from the sun, car exhaust and acid from rain.

Why get your headlights restored?
• Improves the appearance and value of your vehicle.
• Dramatically improves night time visibility.

Don’t waste time and money on short-term solutions, like polishing, that require repeated maintenance.

A long-term solution, offering amazing results is just a click or phone call away.

Ultra Auto Care offers a service that will make your headlights look like new and is guaranteed to last for years. No headlight is too bad. We come to your home or work place and complete the job in approximately an hour and a half.

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