K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kits

K&N Filter Cleaning Kits

K&N Air Filter Cleaner & Filter Cleaning Accessories

K&N air filter cleaning supplies are available for K&N cotton, synthetic and heavy duty synthetic air filters. K&N OE replacement air filters have cotton media and are cleaned with K&N Power Kleen Industrial Strength Degreaser and then oiled with a specialized blend of filter oil.

K&N Cotton Air Filter Cleaning Kits

K&N air filter cleaning kits are composed of a six-step maintenance system designed to clean any K&N oiled cotton air filter. Cleaning and re-applying filter oil to your K&N air filter restores air flow efficiency so that it looks and operates like new again. The K&N Recharger Filter Care Service Kit includes K&N air filter oil and K&N Power Kleen air filter cleaner.

K&N Air Filter Cleaner and K&N Filter Oil Squeeze Bottle

  • 8.0 oz. (237 ml) Squeeze Oil Bottle
  • 12-fl oz. (355 ml) K&N Power Kleen Air Filter Cleaner

K&N Air Filter Cleaner and Filter Oil Spray

  • 5 oz. (204 ml) Spray Oil
  • 12-fl oz. (355 ml) K&N Power Kleen Air Filter Cleaner

K&N Cotton Air Filter Cleaner & Industrial Strength Degreaser
K&N Air Filter Cleaner is the only cleaner formulated to clean K&N FilterchargerĀ® air filters with cotton media. The use of any other cleaning solution can void the filter’s warranty, and quite possibly could damage the cotton material.

K&N Power Kleen Cleaner works to dissolve the dirt build up and old filter oil, and can be washed away with water. It so good at cleaning greasy dirt and grime that it is also used as an industrial strength degreaser. Complete instructions on bottle.

NOTE: Do not use on polished or anodized aluminum.

K&N Cotton Air Filter Oil
K&N Air Filter Oil is the only oil specially formulated to work in combination with the cotton fabric in K&N FilterchargerĀ® elements providing a superior air filtration system. When used as directed, it quickly penetrates the filter pleats, where it remains suspended in the cotton fabric. Saturation is maintained until the element is cleaned with K&N Air Filter Cleaner.

When Do I Clean My K&N Air Filter?
Cleaning your K&N Air Filter is not required if you can still see the wire screen on the entire air filter regardless of how dirty it may appear. Click here to learn when and how to clean your K&N air filter.