Royal Purple Royal Flush

Royal Purple Royal Flush

Royal Flush™  Cooling System Flush

Royal Flush is an engine cooling system flush and cleaner that maintains and restores cooling system efficiency. Using a proprietary formula originally developed for cleaning high-end, industrial cooling towers and heat exchangers, Royal Flush contains unique technology not found in any other automotive cooling system flush and/or cleaner on the market. A highly concentrated product, Royal Flush helps remove oils, scums, gels, slimes, corrosion byproducts, and other contaminants. It is a one-step product that contains no acids, is completely safe to use, and does not require use of a post-flush neutralizer. It cleans the entire cooling system, neutralizes acidic build-up, and restores cooling efficiency.

Royal Flush maintains clean metal surfaces inside engines and radiators, which optimizes heat transfer. Over time, inhibitors in antifreeze, contaminants in water, and tiny rust particles become insoluble, and form antifreeze gels. Royal Flush contains industrial-grade detergents that chemically “scrub” surfaces inside the cooling system to remove contaminants. Using corrosion inhibitors that “prime” metal surfaces inside the cooling system, Royal Flush prepares the cooling system for follow-up treatment with Purple Ice.

Performance Advantages

  • Optimizes cooling efficiency and prevents overheating
  • Cleans radiator and entire cooling system
  • Neutralizes combustion by-products
  • pH balanced to protect aluminum radiators