Royal Purple Nitro Plus Racing Oil

Royal Purple nitro racing oil

Royal Purple’s Nitro Plus Racing Oils

Royal Purple’s Nitro Plus Oils are straight-grade synthetic motor oils formulated specifically for use in blown alcohol, nitro-methane or any racing applications that experience excessive fuel dilution.

Designed to withstand even the most severe stress in high-compression engines, Nitro Plus oils outperform all other high performance synthetic oil on the market. And their non-foaming formula provides optimal protection against engine rust and corrosion.

“Running Royal Purple in my engines over the years has been a key component to helping me gain the competitive edge over my competition as well as my repeated trips to the winners circle,” says Clay Millican, 6-time IHRA Top Fuel Champion. “Not worrying about my oil getting mixed up with my fuel leaves me able to focus on more important things at the track, like winning. I would recommend any of Royal Purple’s products to other racers out there.”

Nitro Plus Racing Oil Advantages

  • Greater wear protection
  • Separates rapidly from alcohol/nitro methane
  • Resists bearing washout
  • Can withstand severe stress of high compression engines
  • Non-foaming formula
  • Outstanding rust/corrosion protection
  • High temperature service capability

Available Viscosities

Viscosity typical of an SAE 50 oil.

Viscosity typical of an SAE 60 oil.

Viscosity typical of an SAE 70 oil.